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Personalised work t-shirts: discover our products for sale online

Custom workwear is a fundamental element for any company that wants to stand out and create a unique professional image. Our t-shirts are ideal for those looking to combine functionality and corporate identity in every aspect of their work.

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The Importance of Custom T-Shirts

Personalised T-shirts are the business card of every professional, a symbol of a well-groomed image and a distinctive brand. They offer not only comfort and convenience, but also unparalleled visibility of the company’s identity, turning every employee into an ambassador for their brand.

Made from high-quality fabrics, custom t-shirts are designed to last, withstanding frequent washing and keeping the bright colors and logo clearly visible. This ensures that your staff always looks professional and recognisable.

Flexible and versatile, they adapt perfectly to any figure and can be customized in a thousand ways, with colors, logos and writings that reflect the company’s philosophy and values. Personalised work shirts are therefore a key element in strengthening team cohesion and the coordinated image of the company.

T-shirt customization techniques

The customization of work shirts is an expression of creativity and professionalism that allows workers to stand out and promote their corporate image.

The selection of materials is fundamental: comfortable and durable fabrics are preferred, such as cotton jersey or technical blends, which offer comfort and resistance over time. These materials are chosen not only for their comfort, but also to effectively represent the company brand, with a wide choice of colors, from classic shades to the boldest and most eye-catching.

Customization options for T-shirts include advanced printing techniques for inserting company logos or advertising slogans, sophisticated embroidery for an imprint of sophistication, or the application of distinctive patches and crests.

The design of the T-shirts is designed to adapt to different work needs: you can add elements such as reinforcements in the points of greatest wear, strategic pockets for increased functionality or custom collars and cuffs for a distinctive look.

The customization does not stop at the choice of prints or embroidery, but also extends to the fit of the shirt, ensuring that each garment is not only practical and comfortable, but also a vehicle for the company’s identity and team spirit.

The variety of styles and designs available allows you to comply with industry-specific safety regulations and cater to individual preferences, ensuring that work shirts are a distinctive element of protection, style, and belonging.

Features of Custom Work T-Shirts

Custom work shirts are a key element in reinforcing employees’ corporate identity and sense of belonging. Here are the distinctive qualitiesof custom work shirts:

  • Quality materials and customization: Work shirts are created with high-quality fabrics such as organic cotton or breathable blends, which provide comfort and durability. Customization through prints or embroidery allows you to insert company logos or names, promoting the brand image.
  • Innovative and representative design: With a range of styles and colors, custom t-shirts adapt to the aesthetic needs of the company, while maintaining a professional look. The design is designed to be functional and at the same time represent the company’s values and culture.
  • Versatility and functionality: ideal for different work contexts, from trade fairs to corporate events, custom T-shirts can be worn on multiple occasions, ensuring visibility and brand recognition.
  • Ease of care and durability: Custom t-shirts are designed to withstand frequent washing without losing their shape or color, ensuring a well-groomed and professional look over time.
  • Compliance and safety: By adhering to ethical and sustainable production standards, custom T-shirts not only promote a positive image of the company but also ensure the safety and well-being of the wearer.

Professional and personalized: the brands of personalized t-shirts offered by Bini


Blåkläder is renowned for its strength and durability, offering work shirts that can be customized to best represent the customer’s corporate identity.


Sprintex is appreciated for the flexibility and innovation of its products. It offers the ability to customize the t-shirts with the company logo, making them perfect for promotions or corporate events.

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